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Great Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Content

Like all other kinds of writing, SEO writing is also a skill that every writer must specialise in. There are many other factors one should consider when writing engaging content that Google will love. When you write SEO friendly articles, there should be only one motive in you. That is to create content that people […]

New Website Design for Code Cosmetics

FASHION & BEAUTY AWARDS 2017 BEST ONLINE BUSINESS A new design for Code Cosmetics as their customer base continues to grow to new hights. A site that was built to showcase the many options that are available on products and provide a better customer experience especially on mobile. So pleased to have completed this redesign […]

Improve Your Image Search Ranking with These SEO Tips

While there has been a huge amount of attention that is being placed on Voice search and how to take advantage of this feature to increase your organic traffic, Image search should never be neglected. Based on the analysis of Rand Fishkin, the Google’s Image Search is the 2nd highly utilised platform when searching (with Google.com taking the top spot). This means that Image search is more important than most of us think. According to the latest data, Google Images accounted to the 26.79% searches made which is higher compared to YouTube with only 3.71%.

Benefits of an Email Marketing Newsletter

Engaging with your clients through an email marketing newsletter has several advantages. You are able to provide personal responses to any enquiries that come back from a promotional newsletter that can be tailored to your customers easily and efficiently Provide an opportunity to promote your brand in a cost effective way. You can engage your […]

The Importance of a Mailing List

A Fundamental Part of Your Business No matter what you read online or hear from an associate in the same field, maintaining and helping your mailing list to grow should still be a fundamental part of your business’s marketing campaigns. If you aren’t at least trying to grow a mailing list, you could be missing […]

Easy SEO Tips for Small Businesses

There’s no denying it: big wins with SEO as a small business is harder than it ever has been. Not only are you competing against self-promotion from the search engines themselves, but the increased competition compared to just a few years ago makes good rankings a difficulty for some. You shouldn’t simply roll over and […]

8 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

If you haven’t adapted social media into your business’s marketing campaigns, you’re quite simply missing out one of the biggest opportunities to  take your brand to the next level. Using social media in savvy ways can open up doors to a whole new audience of potential customers. However, many small businesses make simple mistakes that […]