Design Update for Bodnant Joinery

Design Update for Bodnant Joinery to promote their new Spray Booth service. Bodnant Joinery are pleased to advise their customers that they have installed a Spray Booth, continuing the expansion and development of the business, and receiving more and more requests for a complete decoration service on our products made the decision a practical and natural step forward, as we are at the Quality End of Bespoke Joinery we also needed to match the complete decoration finish with a product that would do them justice.



Today marks the roll out of Google’s latest algorithm that changing the way websites are ranked by the search engine and has been nicknamed “Mobilegeddon” by digital marketeers!

How will this impact on your website?

This update will only have an impact on searches carried out on mobile platforms and will provide a ranking boost to websites in Google searches that have been designed to be  mobile-friendly. The effect will be on mobile searches only so should not have an effect on desktop based searches, but when you consider the amount of search traffic that is based on mobiles it is important that you consider having your site updated.


Cross Linking

  • Also called internal linking, it refers to the linking of your internal pages within your website.
  • Cross linking being a very essential factor for Google ranking algorithm can help you increase the popularity of your page. The best instance of successful cross linking is Wikipedia.
  • You can obtain the content link from sites which are within your niche and then try to get a link from their site content by making use of a targeted keyword. This is exactly what Wikipedia does.

Local Listings

  • Listing in local directories can be very helpful for sites promoting local business.
  • Local businesses should list their site locally instead of going global. This would enable the search engines to fetch your site content easily so that you can reach your target viewers.
  • Therefore you can choose to submit your website to site like Yahoo local, Google local, Yellow Pages, Maps etc.

Social Shopping Network

  • Entrepreneurs running an e commerce site can submit them to the online shopping networks.
  • This could be a sound strategy for branding and advertising.
  • When you submit your products to sites such as Google product search, MSN online shopping, Kaboodle, etc, your likelihood of visibility is broadened considerably.

Social Media Tips

Social network sites

  • Also referred to as ‘online reputation management’, social network sites should be your first step of advertising, marketing and building up an online reputation for your site.
  • Create a profile in some of the most popular social media sites like Facebook, pinterest, Twitter, linked, Google plus etc.
  • This would let you extend your online contacts network and help you connect and interact with your audience, share things and ultimately build your online reputation.

Social Bookmarking

  • This is yet another very powerful tool for promotion of your site. However you should know how to use them properly.
  • You should upload your current blog posts along with related pages to some of the most popular social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon etc.
  • These bookmarking sites are much favoured by the search engines since their content gets updated very often.
  • However before submitting your content to the social bookmarking sites learn how to handle the tags properly since they are extremely important for broadcasting your content on a wide area network.
  • Depending on the efficacy of your participation, your website traffic can be increased considerably.

Photo Sharing

  • Always share the photos on your site and make them public. This will allow your friends and audience to view them and comment on them and in the long run more traffic will be diverted to your site.
  • Share and upload your pictures on some of the major photosharing sites like flickr, picassa, photobucket etc.

Video Marketing

  • Similar to photo sharing, one can upload and share the product videos on sites like Vimeo, Youtube and others. This would allow other people to locate your presence in other ways.

Improving Offsite SEO

Off site SEO can be defined as the techniques which can be used to enhance the Google ranking of a particular website. Off site SEO has more to do with promotional methods which go far beyond website designing. Some of the most important activities related to off site SEO includes – social media, social bookmarking, social link building etc. A sound strategy of off site SEO would lead to more exposure for the site along with an increased ranking. In this article we are going to discuss a few helpful offsite SEO tips which will help you improve your page ranking.


  • Blogging is one of the most powerful tools of promoting your site.
  • For this you need to create a blog for your company or site and upload plenty of unique content regularly.
  • While writing a blog make sure to convey your idea to the audience and keep promoting your blog in the blog search engines and blog directories.
  • Include plenty of unique topics for your blog like top lists, how to…, viral videos, tutorials, infographics etc.
  • In case you are not good at writing blogs then go for a guest blogger to write for you.


Promoting your website Offline

Promoting your site online is clearly very important but you can also do a lot to promote your site offline too! Here are a few tips on how you can raise client awareness of your new or existing site.

  • make sure your web address is included on your business cards & stationary
  • if you are using any press adverts, make sure you include your web address on the bottom of the advert
  • consider a mailshot campaign using flyers to advertise your services
  • have it advertised on your car, this also has added benefits for tax allowances

Keep content fresh to improve SEO

Adding a blog to your web site is a really good way of being able to add new content quickly and easily to your web site and will help raise your sites profile in the search engines. You need to make a commitment to update your blog as frequently as possible, set realistic goals that will fit in with your administration routine, for example one to two blog posts per week can be added in to your weekly invoicing session..

Not all of your bog posts need to be long essays, as long as they are relevant, you can provide a mix of short and long posts. Try to make sure you have included some of your targeted keywords in your post content and titles, and try to make your blog interesting by adding video and images to your posts.