Branding done the right way

At Karen Thomas Web Design & Print Services we can’t stress enough how important branding is towards the success of your business. Ensuring that your business has clear and professional branding will entice new clients and help towards creating a trusting, pleasurable experience of  your business from start to finish.

The Customer Journey

To understand a little easier why it is so important we should look at the journey your customer is likely to take before they make contact with you.

Firstly the customer is likely to have been looking for a business that provides a particular service – therefore we need to think about where they may look, some examples may include; the newspaper, use of search engines such as Google, using social media.

Once we have established where you may be found, we then need to think about what we want your potential clients to see; business colours, logo, descriptions and so on. – This is an extremely important stage to your customers journey as they are likely to make an instant decision whether they will want to pursue your business.

So now that we have gained interest due to our eye-catching logo and business description, where will the client go next?

– This depends, if you have decided to use a newspaper article (but this could be fairly expensive) you may have direct contact from a small number of potential clients. To make this more likely, your advertisement should consist of an eye-catching logo and description.

-The most likely place your services will be searched for is the internet. There are a number of important factors to consider here; search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, your website. We will need to make sure that your business branding is clear throughout all of these online areas and remains consistent to the online user.

Now they have found you they are able to fully view your business, back to the point now, branding. If they don’t like what they see they will not continue on this far or any further for that matter they will search elsewhere. Branding is the first thing the client will see of your business, with good branding you’re already half way to gaining custom.

We will work with you throughout every aspect of your business branding from start to finish. What you want is highly important to us throughout every service we offer. We will be on hand to advise and create, everything you will need to develop and finalize a consistent, professional brand for your business.