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While there has been a huge amount of attention that is being placed on Voice search and how to take advantage of this feature to increase your organic traffic, Image search should never be neglected. Based on the analysis of Rand Fishkin, the Google’s Image Search is the 2nd highly utilised platform when searching (with Google.com taking the top spot). This means that Image search is more important than most of us think. According to the latest data, Google Images accounted to the 26.79% searches made which is higher compared to YouTube with only 3.71%.

SEO Tips in Optimising Your Images to Improve Its Performance on Search Queries

Here are some of the essential tips that you need to keep in mind in order to improve the search ranking of your images.

Use Images that Will Enhance the User’s Experience

With the latest update that was introduced by Google, the search engine site is now valuing quality and relevance of the image. This is why it is essential to enhance the user experience of your site. User experience will send a powerful signal to the search engine site that it will use for SERP. Images that receive a high number of clicks will rank higher on Google Images. You need to make sure that you are using images that are appealing. Avoid using images that has a large file size that will drastically affect the loading time. There are tools that you can use that will reduce the file size without compromising the quality.

Optimise Descriptors, Labels and Meta Data

Descriptors, Meta Data, and Labels are being used by Google Images on indexing. It is important to use the appropriate labels that will help the robots identify your image. Start with the name of your image file, the file name is perhaps the most searchable description of the images. You can also add the right keyword at the Alt tag of your image. These are HTML attributes that you can utilise to describe your image. You may also use descriptions on captions and contextual information.

Use Only the Unique Images

Those who are using stock images have lesser possibility to rank higher on Google Images. Google is against ranking several copies of similar pictures just like how they will impose a penalty on sites that contain similar contents. Online retailers are mostly affected on this policy since the photos of their products are the same photos being used by the online reviewers and customers.

Optimising your images may be an overwhelming process, it requires patience and time that some people will prefer to spend on different matters. When doing image optimisation, you need to make sure that you weigh the benefits and costs and determine how it will affect the organic traffic of your site. This is the same principle that you can use on your internet marketing. In every decision that you will make, you need to think about the ROI. With that in mind, image optimisation is certainly an area that you need to master.