Off site SEO can be defined as the techniques which can be used to enhance the Google ranking of a particular website. Off site SEO has more to do with promotional methods which go far beyond website designing. Some of the most important activities related to off site SEO includes – social media, social bookmarking, social link building etc. A sound strategy of off site SEO would lead to more exposure for the site along with an increased ranking. In this article we are going to discuss a few helpful offsite SEO tips which will help you improve your page ranking.


  • Blogging is one of the most powerful tools of promoting your site.
  • For this you need to create a blog for your company or site and upload plenty of unique content regularly.
  • While writing a blog make sure to convey your idea to the audience and keep promoting your blog in the blog search engines and blog directories.
  • Include plenty of unique topics for your blog like top lists, how to…, viral videos, tutorials, infographics etc.
  • In case you are not good at writing blogs then go for a guest blogger to write for you.