Cross Links

  • Also called internal linking, it refers to the linking of your internal pages within your website.
  • Cross linking being a very essential factor for Google ranking algorithm can help you increase the popularity of your page. The best instance of successful cross linking is Wikipedia.
  • You can obtain the content link from sites which are within your niche and then try to get a link from their site content by making use of a targeted keyword. This is exactly what Wikipedia does.

Local Listings

  • Listing in local directories can be very helpful for sites promoting local business.
  • Local businesses should list their site locally instead of going global. This would enable the search engines to fetch your site content easily so that you can reach your target viewers.
  • Therefore you can choose to submit your website to site like Yahoo local, Google local, Yellow Pages, Maps etc.

Social Shopping Network

  • Entrepreneurs running an e commerce site can submit them to the online shopping networks.
  • This could be a sound strategy for branding and advertising.
  • When you submit your products to sites such as Google product search, MSN online shopping, Kaboodle, etc, your likelihood of visibility is broadened considerably.