Benefits of an Email Marketing Newsletter

Engaging with your clients through an email marketing newsletter has several advantages.

  1. You are able to provide personal responses to any enquiries that come back from a promotional newsletter that can be tailored to your customers easily and efficiently
  2. Provide an opportunity to promote your brand in a cost effective way.
  3. You can engage your customers in special offers that are exclusive to members of your mailing list.
  4. Raise customer awareness of other aspects of your services that they may be unaware of.

These are all excellent reasons for you to consider this as an important part of your marketing arsenal.

Write content that will get people excited!

Your starting goal should get people to look forward to receiving the next email and increase chances of them being opened.

Ask a question to encourage engagement. How has marketing been affected by Covid is a topical question that you may highlight, it is also something that people may be looking to find answers for. The idea then is to almost provide the answer to the question in your email but to gain the full answer a visit to your website might be required. As an example they may need to visit your website in order to read the full article.

In order to not overwhelm people with information is to try and keep your paragraphs in the newsletter content to 3-4 sentences only per paragraph and make sure your writing is clear and to the point.