Like all other kinds of writing, SEO writing is also a skill that every writer must specialise in. There are many other factors one should consider when writing engaging content that Google will love. When you write SEO friendly articles, there should be only one motive in you. That is to create content that people love reading, sharing, linking and interacting with, in various ways. This is the key to get your post ranked high by Google rankings and thereby becoming the top related post in the search engine. Here are some great tips that you can follow for great content that Google will not miss!

Write Useful and Engaging Content for SEO

If you need your article to retain in terms of quality and quantity, write an interesting one. This will attract visitors to your site who will find this very useful and entertaining. They will even be inclined to share your post or link it on social media. Plagiarised, low-spun and rewritten content don’t attract SEO rankings anymore because they fail to provide users with something valuable. So, creating fresh content is the key to make Google fall in love with your post and rank it high.

Choose Keywords Wisely

Keywords are a priority when it comes to SEO writing as they are what will optimise your content. Here, it is important to select certain keywords after a good research on your topic and place them properly. You can use Google Trends or Word Tracker to get to know what keywords to use in your article. Ensure that you don’t overuse them but place them scattered throughout the content. Your content should have a flow and make perfect sense after placing these keywords.

Optimise the Images for Better SEO Ranking

Images can enhance the quality of your content and make it look more interesting. Here, you can use the keywords to name your images and optimise them for a better ranking. Also, remember to optimise the size of your image as the loading time of your images will also have an impact on SEO. Quality, averaged-size images that are well optimised will make your content high ranked on Google search engine.

Your Content Should Be Sharable

When people come across really interesting content, the next thing they would want to do is share them with friends. So, it is important to make your piece of writings easily shareable on social media. As your content circulates around different social media, it will increase in popularity. This will improve the interaction among visitors while driving traffic to your website. What a great way to let Google know that your article is simply top-notch to be top-ranked!

So, these are the main tips that you should keep in mind when writing Search Engine Optimised articles. Give your readers something valuable to read, and they will reward you with a higher rank in Google. Remember to proofread your article at least twice as people don’t like grammatically incorrect writing. So, write an engaging, quality article while placing the keywords appropriately. Then, make use of images for better optimisations while linking your article. If you need your writing to be a killer piece, make it easily shareable on social media, and you have done your job perfectly!