Mailing Lists for Your Business

No matter what you read online or hear from an associate in the same field, maintaining and helping your mailing list to grow should still be a fundamental part of your business’s marketing campaigns. If you aren’t at least trying to grow a mailing list, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity to help your company grow as a whole.

Many professional bloggers and digital marketers will say that the biggest mistake they see small businesses make is that they just don’t bother with mailing lists. Cries of “email marketing is dead” are way off the mark – conversion rates are regularly being reported reaching as high as 50% and a quarter of the Fortune 500 use email marketing to great effect.

Help Keep Customers Informed

There are many factors behind why maintaining a mailing list is important. The one that sticks out the most, though, is that it helps your customers and clients keep abreast of what’s currently going on with you. In the modern landscape of social media, simply sharing a Facebook post or tweeting information is going to reach as many of your clients as it should. Email marketing is vital to help you ensure that you reach as many people as possible.

Some of the instances in which you should take advantage of your mailing list can help to boost sales or, in unfortunate cases, help to appease clients when things go wrong. When people sign up to your mailing list, it’s almost an affirmation that they’re interested in your brand and what you have to say, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

Direct to Mobile Contact from your mailing lists

It’s also never been easier for you to be able to reach someone with a quick email. The modern world moves very fast, which is why so many people have access to their emails on their phone and other devices – it’s not so much the case anymore that emails sent after the working day won’t be read. People are constantly connected to the digital world and are becoming more interested in promotions and opportunities as the years go by.

You should also consider building your mailing list to help reward some of your most loyal customers and clients. Letting them know they’re eligible for discounts thanks to their years of loyalty is a good way of ensuring they remain on your books for years to come. You can also grow your mailing list after every sale and ensure customer retention with every sale. Once the customer/client leaves the checkout/pays their invoices, you can automate an email to be sent to thank them for their patronage and to potentially offer them reduced rates for their next visit. It’s the little things within a business that go a long way.

Damage control is quite the intimidating phrase for most businesses, but most won’t even need to consider it. In the event that something unfortunate does happen within your business, though, you want to be prepared. Utilising a mailing list to send out emails to affected parties, whether they’ve been overcharged or a shipment has been delayed etc, is one of the most powerful ways of limiting the negative impact on your business. It’s also going to be appreciated by the client/customer that you took the time to contact them and let them know about the situation.

Add a Personal Touch to Customer Contact

Cultivating a mailing list is also integral to ensuring you add a personal touch to your marketing. People are far more receptive to the idea of dealing with the face behind the brand rather than the brand itself and, with some charm and a relaxed tone, your newsletters can ensure potential customers still on the fence that yours is an approachable, legitimate business with an emphasis on customer service.

If you haven’t bothered to grow a mailing list, you owe your business the effort required to build one. It isn’t a daunting, overly technical process either – services like Mailchimp can help you to put together quality newsletters at no cost. Looking to supercharge your mailing list and don’t mind spending to catch up on lost time? OptinMonster is a renowned tool for helping companies to maximise their signups from website visitors and can help you to grow your business by developing your marketing campaigns.

Should you find yourself noticing gaps in the way you market your business or maybe you just aren’t seeing as many return customers as you should be, take the time to invest in growing your mailing list. You won’t regret the effort.

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